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Lowcountry Paddlers recognizes and endorses the
Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission
for their locally organized
paddling events and numerous
educational opportunities. 
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Penny Creek trees
Ralph Earhart

I took my "Dennis Bono-inspired chain saw " out on Penny Creek today. A tree has fallen about 50 yards from the landing. The creek should be clear enough now to get past it.

The 2 trees that create a problem about 1/3 of a mile from the launch had had their ends cut pretty well and should not be a problem.

The creek "should be" easily passable at dead low tide when the water level at Givhans is about 4.5 feet and and higher. It is clearly passable when the water level in the river is lower, as long as you are about 1.5 hours from low tide.

Penny Creek is a super place to paddle. Now that the weather is cooling, before a hurricane comes and brings down more trees, you might want to consider a paddle on the creek.

Ralph Earhart

Martha Beck

Many thanks to you and your friend Tom for making our world a better place.

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