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General Announcements and Messages (only members c

next Sunday's paddle (Sunday...NOT Saturday)
Ralph Earhart

Just a few notes about next Sunday's paddle.

  • We are meeting at the gas station at the intersection of HY 41 and HWY 45 in Jamestown. Goolge says it is a BP, it may have changed brands... but it is THAT gas station.
  • Do NOT go over the speed limit within the town boundaries of any time, coming or going.
  • We are meeting at 9:15 and leaving by 9:30.


Many of you know that Echaw Creek trips are known for bouncing over downed trees. Normally fiberglass boats should not go. BUT..I scouted this trip in May and had no tree problems and I will scout it again before the club trip since the river water level has dropped about 5 feet since May.

IF the Echaw Creek trip is unsuitable for fiberglass boats, I'll send a notification and we will change to doing an L1 paddle on the Santee River from Jamestown Landing do to a suitable place 3 or so miles downstream. We'll take a break, and then paddle back. The river is so low, we should have no problem paddling back, plus whatever tide there is will be helping us return. folks with fiberglass boats should feel free to come because I don't plan to bounce over trees.

The meeting place (Jamestown) and time (9:15) will remain the same if we divert from Echaw Creek to the Santee.

Please feel free to e mail any questions to me:

If you plan on coming, please sign up on the club web page or contact me directly at

Thanks...looking forward to a fun paddle!

Ralph Earhart

843 509 3037

Ralph Earhart

Just returned from scouting trip on Echaw Creek. Oh my! It was beautiful!

Launched 1 hour before low tide and just 'touched' one submerged tree 1/2 mile into the trip. Coming back, knowing where it was, none of us touched it. All 3 of us on the scouting trip believe it will be fine for fiberglass boats.

We are to meet by 9:15 at the gas station in Jamestown and leave by 9:30. I'm asking all participants to try to be there by 9:15 and we'll leave as soon as everyone shows up. (That will have even more water in critical section of the creek when we launch).

This is an L2 trip...9 miles.

Now all we need to worry about is the weather. Tropical depression this forecast for thunderstorms on Sunday. I plan to make a call on whether to cancel this trip or not sometime on Saturday by the early afternoon.

I will put out an announcement via the club website AND I will text those who have already signed up...I will text whether the trip is canceled or not.

So..if you sign up after this announcement, please e mail me your phone number so I can text you.

Bottom line...this trip is suitable for fiberglass boats....and the trip is GRAND.

Ralph Earhart

843 509 3037

Martha Beck
Having been lucky enough to be on today's scouting trip, I concur that it was beautiful - both the black water and the grand Santee river. I hope that the storm misses us.

Thanks for the wonderful experience today, Ralph.  You are a trip planning genius!

Ralph Earhart

Our trip is "On" for tomorrow.

Scattered showers and if they come, I expect them to come while we are driving to the landing.

Hope to see folks at the gas station in Jamestown by 9:15.

Ralph E.

843 509 3037

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