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Welcome to The LowCountry Paddlers
since 1987... making the most of our beautiful coast

Lowcountry Paddlers is a
Paddle America Club (PAC)
Affiliate of the 
American Canoe Association ( ACA)

Lowcountry Paddlers recognizes and endorses the
Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission
for their locally organized
paddling events and numerous
educational opportunities. 
Check them out!

 **New 5th Edition**

Kayak Charleston
by Ralph Earhart
Places to paddle within one hour of Charleston

General Announcements and Messages (only members c

LCP Safety Mminute
Dan Hoke
Hi Folks,

Most everyone here I'm sure enjoys paddling along many of our quiet creeks. You know, the ones that have woods along the shoreline with overhanging trees and shrubs. Did you know one of our common wasps like to live in these shrubs. In looking to id it I'm only finding the paper wasp. Look at the attached photo. I pulled this paper wasp nest from a point head high in a shrub that I paddled by over on Goose Creek Res. It was from last season and empty happily. Can you imagine if I had unknowingly brushed the shrub with my paddle blade and it were loaded with wasps. Remember this next you go out and always be aware of your surroundings.

I know we've not been to active at the moment, but don't let that stop you. Call a friend, check the weather, the tides and get out on the water. If for know other reason than to start a bit of conditioning. I suspect we'll be taking up some paddling in this 2nd half of the season.

Safe Paddling

Dan Hoke
Randy Smith
Good info Dan. But like the Jaws movie, now everyone will be afraid to go back into the water!


John Frassanito

Thanks Dan,

You can never be too safe on the water. Since moving down here from the north there’s always some new animal, insect, bird or snake that I’m seeing for the first time. If you’re paddling solo out there your survival rate will increase if you’re informed.

John Frassanito

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