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ACA Due Increase Update
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You may have noticed the email for the ACA’s to their membership dues, effective 12.31.2020. Some of our members requested some insight as to why there was to be an imcrease. This decision was made so that the ACA could improve things such as a better website, more staff support for volunteer efforts, and the implementation of new efforts to attract new communities of paddlers to the sport and the ACA. The specific membership dues changes are detailed at the end of this email.

This incremental revenue will be used to fund the following efforts and more:

  • Replace the public-facing pages of the ACA website, so that the site is easier to use for current members and more appealing to prospective members, potential sponsors and partners, and the general paddling public
  • Additional staff resources so that we can provide more assistance to volunteer-led efforts such as the Safety Education and Instruction Council (SEIC), the PAC Advisory Council, the State Director Program, and the DEI Working Group
  • Dedicate resources to establishing our first paddling league to attract more young people to paddlesports.
  • Continue to identify and implement modern technology to make our processes more member-friendly and efficient.
  • ACA Membership Dues Breakdown:

  • Individual Membership: $40
  • Competition Individual Membership: $40
  • Bronze Paddle Membership: $150
  • Silver Paddle Membership: $250
  • Gold Paddle Membership: $500
  • Green Paddle Membership: $1,000
  • SEIC Instructor Dues: $30 (For a total of $40 + $30 = $70)
  • SEIC Instructor Trainer/Educator Dues: $110 (For a total of $40 + $110 = $150)
  • Elite Competition License: $80 (For a total of $40 + $80 = $120). *This is for athletes who compete in Team Trials and/or for one of our National Teams (in an Olympic, Paralympic, or ICF Discipline)
  • Paddle America Clubs with fewer than 75 members: $125
  • Paddle America Clubs with more than 75 members: $175 (Effective 12/1/2021)
  • Affiliates: $125
  • Outfitter, Livery, and Guides: $125

These changes will be effective on December 30, 2020. The implementation date rather than the renewal date of the membership will determine the dues amount.

If you have any additional questions you can email them at or visit the website at

We appreciate you continued support with LCP and the ACA!

My best,

Michelle Lichtsinn

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