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Lowcountry Paddlers is a
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Lowcountry Paddlers recognizes and endorses the
Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission
for their locally organized
paddling events and numerous
educational opportunities. 
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Lowcountry Splash swim support, Sept 26
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I assume you read Ken's post for Mark Rutledge on the open water swim support coming up Sept 26. That's a Saturday.  If you've never tried it swim support can be a rewarding experience. We'll paddle alongside and in a large group of swimmers to be their eyes, ears and safety net if anyone needs a helping hand. Usually when we paddle it to be on the water among a group of our friends in the club. This is a paddle with a purpose and gives you a whole new meaning to the paddle. It's not a tough paddle as you spend most of your time at the swimmers pace. Consider it. Contact me for any additional info.

Usually there is around 650 swimmers on two courses. This year do to Covid the number of swimmers it max'd out at 350. Do to some construction at the Daniel island launch there may only be one course, yet to be determined. If there are two courses the DI paddlers will have about a 8 mile one way trip ending up Shim Creek at the Coastal Expedition dock and a shuttle back up. If only one course we'll launch from Remley's Point, and a short distance up to the Hobcaw Yacht Club start and follow the swimmers down to Patriots Point marina (end of the swim). We might be able to shuttle back up or it might be a paddle. Again yet to be determined. I'll have updates out as we know more. Consider me the contact as Mark has plenty of things going on at the moment.


Dan Hoke
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