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Martin's Landing

Directions: Take HWY 17 south and turn right on Parkers Ferry Road (HWY 38). Penny Creek Landing is to the left from HWY 17. The turnoff for Parker's Ferry Road is .3 miles from the green Parker's Ferry sign on HWY 17. There used to be a brown sign indicating Edisto River access to the right and to the left. The sign was down on HWY 17 the year I wrote this book. Go 6 miles and turn the left on a dirt road to get to the landing. This dirt road is about .3 miles long. The landing turnoff is not marked.

The key is to go 6 miles and look for a dirt road going to the left. It is one of the roads that is not private and has a stop sign on it where it intersects with HWY 38. There may be a street sign indicating Martins Ferry Landing Road, but many times it is down too. If you miss the turnoff, you will cross a little bridge that is right after the turn off. If you miss the little bridge, you will come to County Line Road, which is where the pavement ends and the dirt road begins. Turn around and go .9 mile back, cross the little bridge and look to the right.